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Incise :
- නිර්වද්යනිර්වද්යincisedincisesincising
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Verb(1) make an incision into by carving or cutting

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(1) A score was at first a cut (it is related to shear) but then developed to mean a notch in a piece of wood, an idea it keeps in the modern verb ÔÇÿto mark or incise a lineÔÇÿ.(2) The desired outcome was based on the surgeon's ability to manipulate a cryolathe, which is an instrument designed to incise tissue linearly.(3) At the entrance to the road to the furthest hill stands a big bluestone tablet on which is incised , ÔÇÿAncient LongzhongÔÇÖ with a couplet on both sides.(4) The scene is incised on the fleshlike inner surface of the shell, itself doubled in its own representation.(5) As the sun was setting we walked to the cemetery, and there, incised in stone, was the name Lucy Lampton.(6) The surgeon incises the peritoneum lateral to the colon and mobilizes the descending colon and splenic flexure.(7) Then the image is incised into the wax or resin layer with an etching needle.(8) The chip-carved and incised surfaces of the three-dimensional pieces are filled in with crayon, as are the irregular patterns of geometric shapes in the drawings, which shine with a colorful waxy patina.(9) Stone could be carved, incised , or one set of stone ornaments overlaid on another.(10) As the painting emerges from the alternate scumbling and glazing of the surface, Gobhai marks in his definitive lines, drawing and sometimes incising them with a burnishing tool.(11) Today, it seems that there are so many popular techniques that build on the making of marks: gouging, carving and incising into paint and other media; creating a layering of shapes and colors; and overlays of images that play on our senses.(12) When he finishes a canvas, he incises his name directly into wet paint in regular but loopy characters.(13) This is where a drawing is incised into cardboard using a sharp point.(14) Heech Tablet, melding architectural form and geometric abstraction, extends this conceit using a bronze slab whose surface is incised with rows of small rectangles meant to evoke a cuneiform inscription.(15) The surgeon incises the skin and bluntly dissects through the subcutaneous fat to expose the sartorius.(16) The ground paving is sometimes incised with curving shapes, but this falls short of the beauty of colorful terrazzo, the preferred paving in traditional public architecture.
1. rip ::
දිග පැල්ම
2. slit ::
3. rip out ::
පිටතට ඉරා
4. incise ::
5. scotch ::
නේල් ආට්
6. operate ::
7. cleave ::
මත යැපෙනවා
8. split ::
9. saw ::
10. slice ::
11. carve ::
කපා වෙන්
12. emboss ::
13. etch ::
14. engrave ::
ඊශ්රායෙල් ගෝත්රවල
15. inscribe ::
18. chip ::
19. grave ::
20. write ::
Different Forms
incise, incised, incises, incising
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